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CITY-DM-28Rasberry Whiskey Souffle Spicy Chocolate Fondant


Epicure is like a vibrant green house, full of palm fronds and Mediterranean greens. I felt like I was eating at a quaint European resort surrounded by all the plush cushions and floral prints, capped with copper spaceships suspended from the ceiling.

The restaurant is the brain child of Robert and Wendell, and I had the pleasure of meeting Wendell who was the mastermind behind the cuisine. It was the longest and most entertaining lunch date I have ever had.

The food, feels like someone drew a Mona Lisa on your plate, that’s how pretty the plating was. It was so pretty it looked like a frame from the animation movie, Finding Nemo: it was that colourful. The whole term hungry eyes, began to make a whole lot of sense to me. The beauty on the plate definitely matched the carnival in my mouth.




CITY-DM-28Salmon Tatar


They serve European/Contemporary Cuisine. However you will also find some Asian accents in some of the food. They practise “Farm to table Methods” which ensures the finest quality with the most sustainable practices. The boys have spent several months developing the entire year’s menu prior to opening the restaurant, where changes will happen as regularly as every two and a half months with a 40% change to the entire menu. Wendell gave me the must tries for this monthWarm Olives Root Vegetable Chips with Rhubarb and Beetroot Ketchup,  Salmon Tatar Cheese Souffle,  Cauliflower Three Way Kaffir Lime & Chilli Rissotto,  U12 Prawn in a Tom Yum Infusion, Rasberry Whiskey Souffle Spicy Chocolate Fondant








CITY-DM-28U12 Prawn in a Tom Yum Infusion


The must must try is the Cheese Souffle, U12 Prawns Raspberry Souffle. This is a good introduction as to what the restaurant has to offer. Wendell had a very good point about what was missing in the present Sri Lankan restaurant services and what they are attempting to provide here at Epicure: discipline and consistency in the food’s overall delivery and presentation married with unobtrusive professional service.





CITY-DM-28Cauliflower Three Way Kaffir Lime _ Chilli Rissotto

Epicure has plans to run a special festive season’s menu serving decadent desserts and particular savoury courses. They are also planning on opening their bar as well, as part of the mezzanine floor which will have a dining lounge designed for groups as well as a private dining room as part of the second phase.

Epicure lives up to its name which means “a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink”. Epicure is still a baby, having been open for just over 11 weeks, but the reception they have received has been very welcoming.