Shotgun used to kill “Dala Poottuwa” found, 2 arrested

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By Bimal Shayaman Jayasinghe 

 A former soldier and a cattle farmer were arrested on Tuesday (5) night by the police in Palukadawala, Galgamuwa with a 12 bore shotgun, suspected to be the weapon used to kill of Dala Poottuwa in Galgamuwa and and two bullets.   

Initially an ex-police constable and a Grama Niladari were taken into custody by the Walana – Panadura Anti Vice Striking Unit on November 23 at Moragollagama, Nikawewa with a couple of tusks and six elephant pearls (Gaja Muthu). It was suspected that the tusks belonged to the tusker “Dala Poottuwa” of Galgamuwa that had been missing for some time. 

It was with this discovery that the police were able to come to the conclusion that the tusker with a unique and ‘unmistakable’ set of tusks had indeed been killed and its tusks sold. Following the discovery, to date around 10 persons have been arrested for their role in the killing and sale of tusks and elephant pearls (Gaja Muthu)