Girl, who went missing 8 months ago, rescued from captivity

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By K J Jayaruk   

The 16-year-old daughter of a businessman from the South, who had gone missing about eight months ago, was finally traced to a small house in Homagama, where she had been kept forcibly by an individual known to the family.   

Matara Children and Women’s Bureau OIC Police Inspector Varuni Keshala Bogahawatte and a team of police officers raided the house in the early hours of the morning and rescued the girl while the suspect was also taken into custody.   

Sources revealed that the suspect had been hired to work as a driver by the businessman but he was dismissed for insubordination. While he was working for the businessman he had driven the businessman’s daughter to school and back as well as taken her for tuition classes.   After being sacked from his job he had met her while she was on her way to a tuition class on March 29 and saying that he wanted to show her some photographs he had lured her to where he was staying and kept her under house arrest thereafter. The police believe that the suspect had done this in order to take revenge from the businessman for dismissing him.    He had threatened the girl that if she tries to flee he would kill her father and mother. She had recounted her harrowing experiences at the hands of her captor including the fact that she had been assaulted on many occasions by him.   

The businessman had complained to those in the high echelons of the police force on several occasions but to no avail. There had been no word about his daughter’s whereabouts until finally Senior DIG of the Southern Province F. Fernando handed over the task of finding the girl to the OIC of the Matara Children and Women’s Bureau IP Keshala Bogahawatte. No sooner she was handed the case  she visited several places in Matara, Hakmana, Akmeemana, Poddala, Negombo and other areas after following the trail of evidence left by the abductor including telephone records. Working under the directions of SP G.H. Marapona, she moved quickly and within twenty four hours of taking over the case she was able to track down and arrest the suspect who had been holed up in a house in Homagama and rescued the businessman’s daughter.   

The suspect, a 28-year-old resident of Akmeemana in Galle, is a married man and is due to be produced in court. The victim of the abduction was sent for an examination.