Speeding bus leaves conductor behind

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LATE-CITY-DM-1-6By Viyaluwa Correspondent   

A driver of a private bus, spotting a considerable number of passengers at a bus halt, overtook the bus that was ahead of him to pick them up and in his hurry left his conductor behind.

 This ultimately caused a delay of twenty minutes to the passengers of the bus in question.   

The story is told of a private bus plying on a main road in the Uva Province. As there were several bends on this road the driver was careful to drive slowly when manoeuvring the bus through these bends. The driver of another bus travelling in the opposite direction informed him that another bus was ahead of him. Soon after receiving the warning the bus driver lost no time in increasing his speed and soon started blaming passengers who were alighting for slowing him down.With great reluctance he stopped the bus to allow passengers to get down along the route taken by him.   

The shouts of some of the passengers who were seated in the rear of the bus startled him. They shouted that the bus had left without the bus conductor, who had alighted from the bus to make room for the passengers to disembark.   The driver had no alternative but to halt the bus by the side of the road and wait patiently for the conductor of his bus to catch up. The passengers had enjoyed the scenario only to see the conductor who was left behind getting down from the bus that was following them.