Common facilities of Mabola-Kattiyawatta in dilapidated status

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image_1513797682-c2a7da23f9Text & Pics By Sarath Chinthaka

The residents, living in Mabola-Kattiyawatta area which comes under the Wattala–Mabola Urban Council have faced numerous hardships due to lack of various shortcomings in the area.

The residents say that they have to face various accidents when vehicles are turned because metals have been strewn around some electric posts. In spite of the fact that people had requested to remove these posts from the previous authorities, people’s requests have fallen on the deaf ears. Although the concrete slabs had been laid across the drains, they had fallen into the drains as they were of sub standard and the mosquitoes had begun to breed due to the stagnation of water in the drains as a result.

The small sports ground in Kattiyawatta had overgrown with weeds and it had become a ground that cannot be used for any purpose. The canal which had been cut along the boundary of the sports ground is frequently infested with crocodiles posing a risk for those who play there.

The request of the people is to lay a fence with a wire netting for the safety. Although a resident named Jeewanka Wijesekera who lives in this area informed the previous authority about this risk, no action was taken. He also said that it was brought to the notice of the present Divisional Secretary and hopes to receive a favorable reply.

When asked from the secretary of the Urban Council D.P.H.Samarawickrama about this, she said that she had given instructions to the officers concerned to find out the shortcomings and report her.