Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia PHIs raid restaurants and hotels

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By H.M.Dharmapala ana Kusal Chamath

A massive campaign to take action against caterers and suppliers of food who ignored the sanitary regulations and food safety requirements has been launched by the Dehiwala – Mount Lavinia Municipal council to protect the consumers from unscrupulous traders who attempt to make a fast buck during the festive season.

With this in view, a team of Public Health Inspectors carried out raids on hotels, bakeries, and supermarkets in Ratmalana area yesterday and destroyed a large stock of food unfit for human consumption. Chief Municipal MOH Dr.Indika Ellawala sought the public cooperation to the campaign and expected them to complaint against hotels and food suppliers who violated the sanitary and food safety regulations.

PHIs said they destroyed rotten potatoes, date expired canned fish, boiled eggs, Parata, Kottu roties, fried fish, cooked food, Watalappan, curd and date expired beverages unfit for human consumption and a stock of rotten vegetables and fruits. They said the caterers who failed to maintain their hotels, restaurants were warned to effect necessary repairs to the buildings, kitchens, storage areas up to the required standards and to report within a week to avoid legal action.

Dr. Ellawala requested the consumers to be cautious when buying food stuffs or consuming food served at hotels and restaurants during the festive season.

Chief Public Health Inspector D.L.P.Jayantha, Area PHIs Shehan Rajapakse, Administrative PHI Jayasinghe and Sanitary Supervisor Karunaratne are carrying out raids on the instructions of Dr. Indika Ellawala and Municipal Commissioner Dhammika Mutugala on food items which do not meet proper 
hygienic standards.