A device that converts decaying Garbage into fuel and bio-gas

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A Korean company is in the hope of introducing a machine that can be used for converting the decaying garbage into diesel, petrol, gas or bio-coal, by adding a special stimulator, within 3 seconds. 

Any degradable material except stones, glass and iron can be used for conversion with the use of this machine. It is a miraculous effort that a source of energy can be produced as a solution to the garbage which is snowballing into epidemic proportions the world over.   

The Korean National and Foreign Consultant to the Sri Lanka Social Insurance Board, Kim Duk Ju has taken the initiative of introducing this machine to the countries in the world including Sri Lanka. These are the excerpts of the conversation the journalists had with him regarding his new invention.   

“Fuel is produced the world over using plastics, wax and polythene etc. We have introduced a machine for manufacturing fuel and coal from garbage similar to the standard and the quality of those fuels. We were able to invent this machine with the patronage of the Korean government as a result of the long-term research done within 15 years.”  

“By putting a kilo of garbage into this machine, petrol, diesel, gas or bio-coal can be obtained within 3 seconds. This machine has the ability of producing 50% of energy source out of the garbage used for this purpose. We should really convert garbage into a treasure. What was done in earlier days were burying,  burning or making compost fertilizer with garbage. It takes much time. Sometimes, the result was not so good as well.”  

He said further that countries such as America, China and Germany have made requestes for the patent for this machine which was invented by the Veepel Group of Companies in Korea. He said that this machine was introduced to the world with the assistance of this company.   

According to him, the garbage that is put into this machine is converted into very tiny pieces instantly with the stimulator in the scientific process and fuel, gas or bio-coal are produced as required. He pointed out that countries such as China and Japan produce fuel using materials like plastics, polythene and wax, and although it was a matter for wonder, the composition of chemical compounds such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen would take place.   

He said triumphantly that it was not the garbage that is available in Meethotamulla, but money. He pointed out the statement made by the Maldives minister that all garbage that is afloat the sea had been washed ashore to the Maldives. When he introduced this machine to them, they said that money was drifting to their country, according to him. He said that dirt is smeared with the clothes of the people so long as they live and he assured that the bio-coal produced by this machine is of good quality and quantity and they can be used for the production of electricity at the Norochcholai Power Plant without any difficulty.   

He said further, “the garbage can be put into this machine even separately. It can produce 88% diesel or petrol from the quantity that is put into the machine by using plastics only and 10.5% gas and 2.4% bio-coal. If only wood is used, 55.2% diesel and petrol, 15.2% gas, 23.9% bio-coal can be produced. 76.1% diesel or petrol, 11.8% gas, 9.7% bio-coal can be produced using a mixture of plastics and wood. The fuel produced by this machine is similar to the fuel that is available in the market. We have done several researches and proved its capability.”