Another Army camp relocated: Land released to owners

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image_1514400255-b8f05a4809By Darshana Sanjeewa   

Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement Minister D. M. Swaminathan, said yesterday that steps had been taken to release 133 acres of land of the Keppapilavu village in the Mullaitivu District to its original owners.

He said an Army camp was situated in the land and it had been shifted to another location nearby and the ministry had provided Rs.148 million to the Sri Lanka Army to relocate the camp.

Minister Swaminathan had instructed the Muhudubadapattu Divisional Secretariat to take necessary steps to release the land back to its original owners today (28).  

He said people will be abled to obtain their lands back after concluding their 290 days protest which commenced demanding the release of the lands. He also said 85 families would be re-settled in those lands next year.  

About 279 acres of land at Keppapilavu was given to their original owners on a previous occasion.