Palmyrah House Announces the commencement of The Migrant Season

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Birds start flocking to Mannar


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With the onset of the rains, and the creation of habitats for birds who travel significant distances during the winter seasons, Mannar is now seeing the entry of a large number of migrant birds. Adam’s Bridge, The Giant’s Tank and the Vankalai Bird Sanctuary are some of the many locations that are highlights for birding enthusiasts who travel to this region of the country in order to see and photograph some of these elusive creatures. These birds are not regularly found in the rest of the country, and as a result this area has proven to be a magnet for ‘birders’ across Sri Lanka and beyond. The Vankalai Bird Sanctuary is also one of 6 Ramsar sites in Sri Lanka.
 While the Greater Flamingoes are a highlight in the region, the first flamingoes were spotted last month, and many more are expected soon. In addition, some of the other birds include the Oystercatcher, Pallas’s Gull and Heuglin’s Gull. 

These species are very rare in the south and Mannar also offers the opportunity of seeing birds such as the Whimbrel, Eurasian Curlews, Avocets and Crab Plovers.
Udaya Karunaratne, (GM) of Palmyrah House said “This time of the year is very exciting for all of us at the property. We see a wide variety of birds coming in and Mannar really transforms into a completely different area. In addition, a significant number of birding enthusiasts stay at the property, and we are always happy to welcome them to the Palmyrah House”


As the season has officially begun, we look forward to the influx of enthusiasts from across the country and across the world to see this magnificent spectacle and gathering”.

 Palmyrah House, located on Mannar Island, is centrally located and has easy access to all birding locations in the area. In addition, the property itself boasts of a large variety of birdlife unique to the region. 

Covering over 35 acres of land, the property has 8 newly renovated rooms, a fully equipped restaurant, a gym, a conference hall, a swimming pool and additional facilities.

 Lalith Ramanayake said “As birding enthusiasts, we visit Mannar every year, and we always stay at Palmyrah House, as it offers an unmatched experience in terms of service, food and all other elements, including a stunningly landscaped and forested garden. The support staff understand why exactly we are here, and are fully equipped to cater to all our needs."