Progress of Dehiwala-Attidiya main road

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Expansion work at snail’s pace


By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath

Residents of several areas accessed by Dehiwala –Attidiya main road have been in a predicament due to the delay in completing the road development project that had been dragging on for more than 30 years.They pointed out that the excavation in the road that left heaps of earth by the roadside caused obstructions and inconvenience to the movement of pedestrians and created clouds of dust. They said the broken concrete slabs lying along the road caused serious accidents.
A resident of Kawudana Nimal Kulasiri said that the project had been dragging on for 30 years under three successive governments and that it resulted in a colossal waste of public funds. “Our land was acquired for the road development project causing heavy losses to us. Now I am running a business in a building, part of which had been demolished under the road development project. However, the passing vehicles stir dust much to the inconvenience of the people living in houses by the roadside. Many children are suffering from lung ailments by breathing polluted air. However the authorities have not paid any attention on our hardships. Several individuals received serious injuries when they fell into the pits. Meanwhile, the side drains filled with stagnant water have turned into mosquito breeding grounds creating a serious health hazard. Free flow of stormwater is obstructed by debris ” he said.


Dehiwala –Attidiya main road has been in a predicament due to the delay in completing the road development project

He said it would have been better if the road was left without any modifications. A resident of Dehiwala, Chamara Dissanayake said land acquisition was carried out without a formal plan and that it resulted in the loss of property.

“ A part of my land was acquired and I did not protest it in the hope of having a well developed road to the area. However all our hopes have been shattered leaving only the loss of our property. We are affected by dust stirred by passing vehicles and compelled to breath polluted air. We have to clean our houses and household effects almost every day. Our children are suffering from a severe cough and the doctors who examined them have said that it had been caused by breathing dusty air. When we made inquiries from the Road Development Authoritiy their excuse was that the project had been stalled due to lack of funds.  They should not have launched  the project without adequate funds. How can we believe that they failed to obtain funds for the last 30 years,” he said.

However, the officials in Ratmalana RDA office and the Battaramulla main office refused to comment.

Residents of the area requested the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry intervention to this long overdue project.Residents urge intervention of Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.