Commission clears Ranil

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jghujyhBy Sandun A Jayasekera

While appealing to the media not to politicise the statement made by President Maithripala Sirisena on the Central Bank bond scam, Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister Faizer Musthapha said the Commission of Inquiry (COI) had clearly said that there was no involvement whatsoever by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in the bond controversy.

He asked journalists yesterday at the SLFP weekly news briefing held at the party office whether a school principal would be removed when a student did something wrong simply because the principal admitted the boy to the school?   

Responding to a journalist at the news briefing, Minister Musthapha said the CoI has reported that Prime Minister’s responsibility in the appointment of Mr. Arjuna Mahendren as the Governor to the Central Bank was proper. Nothing had been mentioned on any lapse on the part of Mr. Wickremesinghe in the Bond Report and we all must accept it.   “It is true that there has been a fraud involving the bond issue and the perpetrators have been found. The government will take legal action as mentioned by President Sirisena in his statement on Wednesday (3) and the illegally amassed lucre will be recovered. The statement made by President Sirisena is a unique statement made by a unique leader. The bond commission was appointed by President Sirisena not for a witch hunt aimed at any individual or a political party but to know the absolute truth behind the bond scam,” Minister Musthapha stressed.   

Commenting on the increased female representation at the local government bodies, Minister Musthapha said voters must refrain from voting for female candidates from families of ministers or Provincial Councillors.   

“The SLFP has firmly decided to put an end to nepotism in politics and not to nominate candidates for local government polls from members of MPs, state or deputy ministers, cabinet ministers and PC members. The era that members of politicians contested and won Pradeshiya Sabhas, Provincial Councils and Parliamentary polls is over. Our motto is one member from one political family. The voters must gather not around political families but around the party,” he said.   Responding to a journalist, Minister Musthapha said any pohottuwa party or joint opposition member must take a back seat if and when they come back to the SLFP after February 10 not withstanding how senior they were when they were in the SLFP before the split.   

Water Supply and City Planning State Minister Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle said the entire nation must pay tribute to President Sirisena for revealing the truth behind the bond scam and pledging to take legal action against those responsible including the forfeiter of money raised illegally at the bond market.   “This is what the people of this country expected from President Sirisena and he has done it beyond expectations,” Minister Fernandopulle said.