Will facilitate parliamentary debate: SLFP

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Legal action is imminent against those who involved in the biggest financial fraud in the country


jghujyhBy Sandun A Jayasekera

UPFA General Secretary and Minister Mahinda Amaraweera yesterday said a Parliamentary debate would be given as demanded by the joint opposition and the JVP as soon as possible on the disclosures by the bond inquiry and findings of the PRECIFAC and the FCID.

Minister Amaraweera added that party leaders would meet to decide on the dates of the debate after Parliament meets for the first time in 2018 on January 23.   
Addressing the weekly SLFP news briefing at the party office yesterday, Minister Amaraweera said there there was a lot of criticism when President Maithripala Sirisena appointed the Commission of Inquiry (COI) to look into the Central Bank bond scam with some alleging that it meant to sweep the issue under the carpet, hoodwink the people and delay the procedure to take legal action.   

 “But President Sirisena in his historic statement proved that the government’s intention was bona-fide and legal action is imminent against those who involved in the biggest financial fraud in the country. The honesty of the government is further proved because there are incriminating evidence against certain members of the UNP as well as SLFP in the bond report,” Minister Amaraweera pointed out.   

The best reply to those negative comments is the speeder action taken by the members of the CoI and the attorney General’s Department to finish the job in less than 10 months on the instructions of President Sirisena. The same fast track procedure will be adopted to punish the perpetrators,” he stressed.   Minister Amaraweera said he was glad to note that it was he who first broke the news of the bond scam and lodged a complaint at the Bribery Commission in 2016.   

Minister Amaraweera thanked all those who contributed to the successful conclusion of the inquiry including the media.  

“It was the media that played a major role to expose the scam,” he emphasized.  

Minister Amaraweera vowed that the government would do everything possible to take legal action against each and every person and establishments identified by the CoI as those involved in the scam.  

“If necessary we will  introduce amendments to the existing laws to make the procedure easy and fast,” he added.