CEA is strict on implementing Polythene ban countrywide

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CITY-DM-6-6The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) is to take legal action against 7 individuals who violated the polythene ban regulation which came into force on January 1.   

The ban which initially brought in September 2017, was not fully implemented until the beginning of the year. Given a grace period of four months manufactures, suppliers and consumers were expected to fall in line with new guidelines for the use of polythene in the country.   

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, CEA Deputy Director General (Waste Management) Engineer Upali Indrarathne said officials were mainly conducting raids in large scale industries and production factories of  polythene.   

“We have raided 46 institutions so far and these raids have been conducted in areas that have major industries like the Western province,” he said.   

The ban on polythene and household electric appliances that contain Hydrochloroflurocarbon (HCFC) was brought in by the CEA through a Gazette notification last September.   

Issued under the National Environment Act prohibits the sale, importation and production of polythene grocery bags, lunch sheets and shopping bags and regiform boxes in the country. The new law also bans the open burning of garbage which would include polythene and plastic.   

The use of all forms of polythene are also banned from being used as decorations in political, social religious, national, cultural or any other event, this includes the use and manufacture of food containers, plastic plates, cups and spoons.   

Offenders will face a fine of not more than Rs. 10,000 and/or a prison term of  no more than two years, the Central Environmental Authority told the media earlier this year. The Authority also encouraged the use of biodegradable products when purchasing groceries and other items.   

However, Indrarathne said that many had followed the guidelines set up by the Authority where the use of polythene was concerned. “I would also request those who do not follow these guide lines to fall in line with them as it would be a great help to resolve the environmental crisis that we face,” he said.   

Meanwhile, speaking to the Daily Mirror on a previous occasion Colombo Municipality Commissioner V. K. A Anura stated that 50- 60 tons of polythene are being collected from Colombo each day.   

Measures are also being taken by the government to set up new waste disposal sites in the Province to eradicate the garbage menace.     


  • 50- 60 tons  of polythene are being collected from Colombo each day



Offenders will face a fine of not more than  Rs. 10,000 and/or a prison term of  no more than two years