Digarolla bridge in Moratuwa becomes garbage dump

Published : 9:00 am  January 11, 2018 | No comments so far |  |  (773) reads | 

causing inconvenience to motorists and public




By Indiaka Manoj Cooray  

Digarolla bridge in Moratuwa has turned into a garbage dumping ground due to the haphazard disposal of garbage by unscrupulous individuals, including several traders. Residents of the area and the motorists expressed concern about the hardship facing them when passing the bridge.  

They pointed out that the disposal of garbage in the pedestrian passage has been going on unchecked regardless of its health hazard and public nuisance. They accused the police and the Municipal Council of failing to take action against the individuals responsible for this despicable act. Residents of the area said cleaning of the bridge had been neglected due to a tug of war between the Moratuwa Municipal Council and the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha that attempted to pass the ball to each other.  

They requested the health authorities and the Minister of Local Government to look into the negligence of the two local authorities and to instruct them to resolve the issue.