Don’t create political turmoil -PM

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Don’t let another party sabotage the development which the central government intends to implement



By Yohan Perera in Badulla   

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday requested the people not to invite political turmoil by handing over the responsibility of running the local authorities to another party which does not administer the Central Government.  

 Mr. Wickremesinghe made this remark at the UNP election rally in Badulla last evening. “It is the UNP-led government which is running the show today and it would be possible to develop the village only if we are given the task of running local bodies. Therefore, it is better to give us the chance of administering the local bodies if you want your villages developed,” the Prime Minister warned.   
“If another party is given the opportunity of running local bodies, that party could sabotage the development which the central government intends to implement. Just imagine what would happen to the country if such a situation arises, he queried.   

The Prime Minister then went on to say that the central government intends to relocate the Badulla Prison and construct a tourism zone there, thereby creating many employment opportunities for those in the area.   

“However, the central government will not be able to relocate the prison if the Municipal Council of Badulla goes to another party as the party administering the council will not allow the central government to carry out its plan,” he warned.   

Minister Harin Fernando will be given a greater responsibility in the future including full powers to handle the development of Badulla, he explained.   

He revealed that the development activities that will be carried out in Hambantota will be extended to the Uva Province as well. “We will develop Hambantota and Uva together,” he said.