Marapana Committee: Report to be submitted to UNP working committee

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UNP General Secretary Kabir Hashim said in a statement yesterday that the Tilak Marapana headed Committee report on the PCoI findings will be handed over to the Working Committee in February.   


The statement said:   

“In the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the issuance of Treasury Bonds, there are no findings against any member of the United National Party including MP Ravi Karunanayake in regard to the issuance of Treasury Bonds. But, however, the Commission of Inquiry has decided that the Attorney General and the Bribery Commission should determine whether action should be taken against MP Karunanayake under the Bribery Act or other appropriate legislation in respect of their findings that he had derived a substantial benefit from the lease payments made by Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd., which is an associate company of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd., owned and controlled by the same persons who owned and controlled Perpetual Treasuries Ltd.   The Commission has also stated that the AG or other appropriate authorities could also consider whether the evidence given by MP Karunanayake is shown to have been incorrect and in that case whether there are grounds for prosecution under Section 179 and or under Section 188 of the Penal Code or other relevant provisions of the law, read with Section 9 of the Commission of Inquiry Act No. 17 of 1948.


The AG and the Bribery Commission should determine whether action should be taken