Aloysius, Palisena Arrested and remanded till today

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By Shehan Chamika Silva  

Perpetual Treasuries Ltd owner Arjun Aloysius and its Chief Executive Officer Kasun Palisena, who were arrested by the CID in connection with inquiry conducting into the bond scam, were yesterday ordered to be remanded till today (February 05) by Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne.  


  • Ex-CB Governor also ordered to appear at the Fort Magistrate’s Court before February 15.
  • suspects were then brought to the CID Headquarters at Colombo Fort to record statements.  



The CID earlier on Friday filing the first B report over the main magisterial inquiry into the bond scam named Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena as suspects along with former Governor of the CBSL Arjuna Mahendran as suspects.  

Consequently, the CID arrested Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena yesterday morning visiting their residences.  

After interviewing,  the two suspects comprehensively and recording initial statements over the inquiry, the CID produced the two suspects before the Fort Magistrate around 10.30 p.m. yesterday.  
The other suspect, Arjun Mahendran, who is residing in Singapore, was ordered to appear before the CID before February 15 by the Fort Magistrate on Friday. Upon the Court direction, the CID had sent a notice to his residence in Singapore via International Police.  


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