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De Lanerolle Brothers in concert with the present Thomians




by Sirohmi Gunesekera

The Power of the Dream” was sung by the De Lanerolle Brothers along with the present junior choir of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia on Wednesday, 30th January 2018 at the Lionel Wendt theatre. It was The Class of 1999 of which Ishan de Lanerolle was a member who had organised the show and the proceeds were for the renovation of the school library. 

Before the show started, the screen at the back highlighted the present state of the library and then the proposed phases to improve the quality to end in 2018.  This was a very positive move since the audience which was sold out consisted mainly of parents, grandparents and well-wishers of the school and its boys.

Untitled-6“For I can’t help falling in love with you…” was the former Elvis hit song harmonised by the Brothers.

Rohan de Lanerolle said that the concert consisted of popular favourites. The two singers as well as the schoolboy choir lifted up their arms and waved them to the tune of “I am Sailing” while the screen at the back showed ships sailing by.

“I’ll walk in the rain by your side,

 I’ll be there when you’re feeling down.”

They sang while the Brothers invited the audience to join in.

After the intermission, the Brothers named the teachers who had helped to train the schoolboys and gifted them with flowers.

“This Crazy Little Thing Called Love” sang Rohan going solo.

The show ended with an Encore with the Brothers singing “Sweet Caroline”.



The proceeds were for the renovation of the school library