Bond Scam Govt,UNP have moral responsibility to punish wrongdoers- Kabir

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MB_8-1The government and the UNP has a moral responsibility to hold those responsible for the bond scam accountable and to remove them from the ranks because the Treasury bond crimes occurred on the watch of this government, UNP General Secretary Minister Kabir Hashim yesterday said.

He said that the President and the Prime Minister were committed to supporting the law enforcement agencies and the justice system to prosecute all offenders no matter what their political affiliation was.   

“This is Good Governance in action. It is what the people of Sri Lanka voted for and it is a vision to which we remain committed. It is instructive to compare the investigation into the treasury bond scandal to criminal investigations into acts of violence committed by the Rajapaksa regime,” the minister said.   

He said Arjuna Mahendran has been removed as Governor of the Central Bank and a UNP minister has stepped down from his cabinet position and post within the party.   “The law enforcement community dedicated unprecedented resources to getting to the root of the Bond deal, exposing wrongdoing, and holding the culprits accountable. 

No politician from any party can claim credit for these acts. The accomplishments of an independent police and Attorney General’s Department can be credited primarily to the 19th amendment to the Constitution, which the UNP and President Sirisena both fought for vigorously,” he said.   


The AG’s Department and police must use the maximum extent of their powers to prosecute and convict all offenders

The decision to place Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena under arrest, and to seek the attendance of Mr. Mahendran before court, was a decision taken unilaterally by the CID in consultation with the Attorney General.   “The AG’s Department and police must use the maximum extent of their powers to prosecute and convict all offenders, including those named as suspects in the PRECIFAC report. The thirty-four complex financial investigations in this report have received fewer resources, less manpower and attention from the police and the AG’s Department than did the Commission of Inquiry into the bond scandal,” he said adding the government will not interfere with the police and the AG’s Department and dictate their priorities.   

The Minister said the police and prosecutors have several challenging investigations and criminal trials of national importance before them.