Mount Lavinia station in dilapidated state

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

Mount Lavinia railway station located in a historic tourist destination has been in a dilapidated state much to the anxiety of the residents of the area, tour guides and even tourists. They pointed out that adequate facilities were not available to the ordinary passengers and hundreds of tourists who travel by train.   

A passenger waiting for Matara express train Pathmasiri Peries said the railway station located in a popular tourist area was in a sad state due to lack of maintenance. He said the passengers were facing hardship for want of adequate facilities.   

“We prefer travel by train which is quicker and cheaper than road passenger transport. Today all of my family is going on a trip to down south. We will travel to Matara by train and proceed from there to other places by hired vehicles. However, I feel sorry for the state of the railway station in my area. Mount Lavinia has more than 100 year history as a popular tourist destination mainly due to its lovely and attractive beach. Nowadays most of the tourists like to travel by train for several reasons. The outlook of the Mount Lavinia railway station should be enhanced to meet this demand. The worn out pillars and roof leaks have not been repaired for a long time.” he said.   

214314Another passenger Jayasena Sembapperuma from HIkkaduwa said he came with a tourist to a hotel in Mount Lavinia and that he was ashamed when the tourist from France pointed out that the railway station needed more attention.   

“Broken platforms and the decayed roof affected the outlook of the railway station. It is sad that modification to the building carried out should not damage the historic architectural design of the railway station. The iron posts in the platform are rusty and several of them are on the verge of collapse.” he said.   

Station Master Saman Kumara agreed to the concerns expressed by passengers. He admitted that the facilities in the railway station should be uplifted.   

“ The roof was damaged during the gale that hit the area recently. The disarmament affected repairs to a certain extent but there is a lot more to be attended. However, the shortage of staff has affected maintenance work. The five employees attend to the cleaning of the station premises. Environmental promotion would be possible if I had adequate staff. The station had been built during the British rule and more than 100 year old iron railings and posts are decaying. ” he said.