Brigadier Priyankara Fernando arrives in SL

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image_1519317496-ea68dd80aeBy Lahiru Pothmulla   

The Defence Attaché of the Sri Lankan High Commission in London Brigadier Priyankara Fernando arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday on a consultation visit over an incident that took place recently in London, the Army said.  


Army Spokesman Brigadier Sumith Atapatthu earlier said Brigadier Fernando was summoned over an incident that took place in London where video footage allegedly showing him behaving in an offensive manner emerged and was circulated on social media.   

“The Army will ask the Brigadier for an explanation into what actually occurred in London,” he told the Daily Mirror.   

The Brigadier was initially suspended from his duties following an outcry that emerged following the airing of the video. However, he was allowed to resume duties on a Presidential directive thereafter.