Subsidy increased to match market price of fertilizer

Published : 9:10 am  February 23, 2018 | No comments so far |  | 


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By Ranjan Kasthuri   

The government has taken steps to increase the fertilizer subsidy for paddy, maize, potatoes, soya, big onions and chillies, it was announced. 

Accordingly the sum to be subsidised for a bag of fertilizer, which at present stands at Rs. 2,500, has been removed and the new subsidy would be calculated after taking into account the market price of fertilizer during each season, Minister of Agriculture Duminda Dissanayake stated.   

Every farmer would be provided with an insurance of Rs.40, 000 per acre, which would commence from this Yala season.This would bring relief to the farmers whenever a crop failure occurs. Minister Dissanayake said that the fertilizer subsidy due for this Yala season would be credited to the accounts of the farmers by March 15, adding that about 800, 000 paddy farmers are entitled to receive the fertilizer subsidy given by the government.