Govt. should review PC delimitation: SLMC

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Hakeem says advisable to revert to old electoral system


image_1519924576-c4132ad175By Kelum Bandara

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), an ally of the Government, yesterday said the Government should review delimitation done in view of the Provincial Councils as otherwise, it would reduce the number of members to be returned from the minority communities.


SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem told the Daily Mirror yesterday that the Government decided to introduce a mix of the First Past the Post and the Proportional Representation to the Provincial Councils as at the Local Government Elections.

Along with that, a committee was appointed to carry out delimitation of electorates in the nine Provinces. Mr Hakeem said his party could not accept the recommendations by this committee.

Instead, he said it would be advisable to revert to the old electoral system.

He said there was a lot of confusion arising from the new electoral system, introduced for the local bodies.

“If it is applied to the Provincial Council Elections, it will run into further confusion,” he said.