Schoolgirl dies in Pussellawa

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Life-1-10By Suranga Rajanayake   

A 16-year-old schoolgirl Madhubhashini Buddhika Liyanage of Ranwalatanne, Millagahamulla, Deniyangama in Pussellawa, has died on admission to the Gampola Hospital, which she was rushed to, after fainting near the dancing room yesterday, Police said.  


She was a grade 11 student attached to Gampaha Atabage Udagama Maha Vidyalaya.   

Investigations revealed she had gone to the music room and developed a headache when she was on her way to the 
dancing room.   . 

She was admitted to the Udagama Rural Hospital and had subsequently been transferred to the Gampola Teaching Hospital.   
The postmortem examination was to be conductedPussellawa Police is conducting investigation.