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20th death anniversary falls on Saturday



The 20th death anniversary of adored singer Milton Mallawarachchi, falls on March 10. If one reminisces the best Sinhala love songs, undoubtedly a good number of them will be attributed to those sung by Milton Mallawarachchi whose soothing voice came as a balm to the people who cannot still imagine that he is not among us today. ‘Madhu Mala Lesa Mudhu’ (melody by M. K. Rocksamy Master) is an eternal love song that will be cherished by music lovers for generations to come.


He was one of the rare singers who could turn heartache into some form of joy through his comforting, unique singing styles.

Milton proved his prowess with his first song ‘Oruwaka Pawena Re Gana Andure’, and from there onwards there was no stopping for this charismatic singer. ‘Oruwaka Pawena’ was penned by Karunaratne Abeysekara and set to tune by Mohamed Sally. This maiden record also included songs like ‘Sansara Sevanella’, Mangale Neth Mangale’and ‘Ran Kooduwa Oba Sedu’.

Evergreen songs like Awasara Netha Mata Obe Atha Gannata, Eda Re Guwan Thotupale, Ma Ha Eda, Sulange Paawee, Sihinen Oba Mata Penenawa Nam, Me May Gaha Yata, Upul Nuwan Widaha, Gamane Gim Niwu Eda, Paya Aa Sanda Anduru Walawen, Kese Kiyannada, Ranmasu Nehe Kiya, Peradeela Pala Giye Ne, Piyapath Sala, Ma Neth Kedelle, Desa Ridenawa, Thaniwee Sitinnai, Sayuru Theredi, Mage Punchi Kumari, Pem Raja Dahane, Obe Nil Nuwan Thalawe, Mage Atheetha Diviye…. will certainly evoke sweet memories of this excellent singer.


He was one of the rare singers who could turn heartache into some form of joy through his comforting, unique singing styles.


Milton Mallawarachchi was the first singer to launch a cassette in Sri Lanka and that was titled ‘Sanden Eha’ named after his popular song ‘Sanden Eha Kandu Mudun Ime’.

Having made his entry into film playback singing with ‘Poojithayo’, Milton sang several popular movie songs including Nilla Nagana Swarna Kinkini Rawe, Muwa Madahase Seepada Rave, Upul Nuwan Vidaha, Yawwana Uyane Piyum Thatake, Sanda Thaniwela Ahase Hiru Thaniwela, Miyuru Pem Madirawe, Keena Dang Mitak, Sinahawa Atharin Kandulak Upanna and several others in 80 films.
In 1984, Milton bagged the Sarasaviya award for the best singer for his eternal number ‘Kendang Yannam Ran Mal Mala Daala’   that came in the movie ‘Ethin Ethata’.

Milton also sang ‘Maage Atheetha Diviye’ – a song penned by popular actor Sanath Gunathilaka. 

The Kotte Ananda Shastralaya old boy, who brought solace to broken hearts with his soothing numbers, plunged the nation into tears when he breathed his last on March 10, 1998.

Singers may come and go, but exceptional singers like Milton Mallawarachchi will live in our hearts forever.



Text: Ramesh Uvais