Mabola-Kattiyawatte residents undergo severe hardships

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Text & Pics by Sarath Chinthaka and P. H. P Perera  

Residents in Kattiyawatte area in Mabola, Wattala are inconvenienced by the lack of numerous facilities in the area.   

Complaints ranged from haphazardly constructed roads and drains to fences that have been set up around grounds.   

Some residents who wished to remain anonymous said lamp posts were set up in the middle of the road. They stated that numerous accidents had occurred in the area when vehicles tried to reverse or make turns.   

Numerous requests had been made to remove these lamp posts and placed along the road from one end to the other, but these requests have fallen on deaf ears, they said.   

Another complaint residents had was that the drain in the area were not covered with slabs, as the ones that had been placed on the drains had broken and fallen into the drains soon after they were constructed.   

The drains were not only left uncovered but were now mosquitoes breeding grounds due to the stagnant water in them.  The final complaint residents had was regarding the ground. They stated that the public ground could not be used as it was not maintained and the crocodiles from a nearby canal often sunbathed in the ground.   

Residents believed the authorities needed to construct a fence around the ground and ensure that it was maintained.   

Jeewanka Wijesekara, a resident said that they had informed local government officials of the situation on numerous occasions but nothing had been done. “We informed the previous council when they were in power but nothing happened. We have informed the commissioner of the situation and we hope for a positive response this time,” he said.   

Commissioner of the Wattala- Mabola Urban Council D.P.M Samarawickrema said that she would investigate into the issues faced by the residents and resolve them as best as she could.