Petition demands reinstatement of former CMC Commissioner

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By Nabeela Hussain   

A group of newly-elected Colombo Municipal Councillors yesterday handed over a petition demanding the reinstatement of V.K.A. Anura as the CMC Commissioner. 

The former commissioner was transferred to the Chief Secretary’s office earlier this month thus leaving employees at the municipality shell shocked and on edge with many, including departmental heads, taking to the streets in protest. 

It is learnt that the letter issued to Mr. Anura stated the transfer was due to service requirements, but failed to elaborate what exactly the requirements were or what was expected of him at his new station. 

UNP Councillor Darshana Mahendra Silva, who led the group to the governor’s office yesterday, said they were unable to meet the governor but instead met with his secretary to whom they handed over the letter. 

“We handed over our petition requesting Mr. Anura be reinstated as the CMC Commissioner. We will also forward the letter to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and heads of the United National Party, hoping some action will be taken,” he said. 

The letter comes on the heels of another submitted to the governor by a trade union collective from the municipality. The unions said the manner in which the transfer was conducted was unreasonable, especially to a senior administrative officer. 

“We are of the opinion that the commissioner was removed from his post due to the report on the Meethotamulla incident by retired judge Chandradasa Nanayakkara. We would like to state that the commissioner alone cannot be held responsible for the tragedy. Former officers and departmental heads were also part of the process in addition to numerous local government bodies apart from the CMC which dumped garbage at the site,” the letter read. 

The letter concluded that the move had left employees and departmental heads of the CMC on the lurch and that if it were to arrest the functions of the municipality, the responsibility of the move would have to be taken up by the governor himself. 

Sources close to the former commissioner hinted that legal action may be taken against the transfer.