The woman’s rage turned into laughter

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MB_4-1By Nihal Karunaratna  

An interesting incident was reported from Pussellawa where a woman who burst into laughter when she saw the “thieves” who had ransacked a bagful of items worth Rs. 6000 she had bought from a boutique.  

After having returned from the boutique the woman had kept the bag inside her house and went to her daughter’s house nearby. When she returned she was surprised to find that the bag had been torn and ransacked and the items were strewn all over the house.   

Incensed by the sight which she thought might be the handiwork of a thief she had rushed out of the house in search of the thief. The rage of the woman was turned into laughter with the sight of several monkeys having half covered with the wheat flour that she had brought from the boutique.