Our judiciary capable of advancing justice

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Volkswagen-Beetle_Last_Edition-2003-1280-01Sri Lanka informed the United National Human Rights Council (UNHRC) yesterday that the country’s judiciary and law enforcement mechanisms are fully capable and committed to the processes of advancing justice to all concerned. 


Foreign Minister Tilak Marapana told the 37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, in Geneva that “it has a long history of integrity and professionalism and since January 2015, steps have been taken to further strengthen its independence”.   

The minister elaborated the actions taken by the government.   

“The reconciliation and development agenda cannot be successfully achieved by government working alone. The participation of political parties, civil society, academia, the business community, the media as well as the international community are essential for this important national endeavour,” he said.   

“We would like to stress with sincerity and conviction that we will not be deterred by anyone in fulfilling the undertakings given by us to our people, which will lead to building a peaceful, stable, reconciled and prosperous Sri Lanka for all our citizens,” the minister said.