Fulfill 2015 promises, otherwise New political movement will be launched: Ministers

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image_1521996027-549aa5a523By Dayaseeli Liyanage   

A new political movement will be launched if the government fails to fulfill its good governance promises given to the people at the Presidential election in 2015, Minister Rajitha Senarathna and Patali Champika Ranawaka warned the government.   


They expressed their views during the last Cabinet meeting and said government should proceed as a stable government and fulfill the promises given to the people and protect the peoples’ sovereignty.   

“ A No-Faith motion has been presented against the Prime Minister. The former President J.R. Jayawardena in 1976 began to destroy other political parties using Anura Bandaranayaka. Left Parties were weakened. SLFP was reduced to 8 members with the UNP governing the country for 17 years with a five sixth power” Minister Rajitha Senarathna had stated at the Cabinet meeting citing the dangers ahead.   

He had also said that the two years that is left for the government was quiet sufficient to take correct political decision with the experience gained in recent past.   

“The two leaders of the government should stop allegation against each other and work on correct decisions before the time available lapses. Otherwise we will launch a separate political movement as we don’t want to perish” Minister Senarathna warned the Cabinet.