Food raids on businesses involved in supply of food

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Dehiwela MOH area


CITY-DM-6-7By H.M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath 

A large stock of food unfit for human consumption was destroyed and red notices issued on the traders who had violated sanitary regulations applicable to the supply of food. A senior official of the Dehiwala MOH office said the Public Health Inspectors carried out raids on more than 25 business establishments dealing with the supply of food including wayside hotels, snack bars, groceries and bakeries. He said the raid was organised on public complaints against the insanitary state of hotels, bakeries and catering services in Dehiwala town, Kalubowila, and Anderson road areas.   

The Chief PHI Jayantha Daluwakgoda said several caterers carrying on businesses near the Kalubowila Hospital, supplying food to the patients, were severely reprimanded and issued red notices warning them to improve their services which would otherwise result in legal action being taken against them.   

“Beef, chicken and fish that had been stored with cooked meals, ice cream and desserts. A stock of stale food intended to be served, had been stored in deep freezers. Raw potatoes and rice infested with worms and weevils, a stock of Kottu, mushroom, rotten big onions, date expired cool drinks, biscuits and cooked meals unfit for human consumption were destroyed. The owners were severely warned and instructed to improve the standard of their business premises and to inform the PHI of the area within seven days, for further inspection,” he said   

He further said the MOH office would organize raids continually during the festive season, on the instructions of Municipal Commissioner Dhammika Mutugala.  

PHIs Wasantha Pushpakumara, W.K.Jayasinghe, Amila Sampath Maduranga and T.J.J.S. Peiris, carried out the raid on the instructions of Chief PHI Jayantha Daluwakgoda.