You Should Have Left

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Untitled-2Kevin Bacon will star in and produce the new supernatural thriller You Should Have Left. The 59-year-old Footloose star is teaming up with David Koepp and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions to adapt the 2017 book of the same name by German author Daniel Kehlmann, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Koepp has adapted the book and is set to helm the new movie which is being slated to start production this year.

The book tells the story of a screenwriter who holes up in a remote house in the Alps with his wife and daughter in order to work on a sequel to his big hit. But however, like Stephen King’s classing ‘The Shining’ – which was adapted by Stanley Kubrick back in 1980 – the writer begins to lose his mind.

The book – which was written in first-person – has been praised for its twists and scares.

However, the movie adaptation will change the original story and will feature a wealthy man with a younger wife and a six-year-old child, instead of the screen writer. Their marriage is filled with mistrust 
and suspicion.

It was reported that Bacon brought the novel to Koepp – who worked with the actor in the 1999 thriller Stir of Echoes.






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