Facebook husband defrauds Rs. 1.2 mn

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MB-1By D.G.Sugathapala

A 29-year-old man had allegedly cheated a 47-year-old woman working in France of Rs.1.2 million after marrying her, the Police said.


The Police have initiated investigations to arrest the man.  The woman, from Ratgama, has been employed as a manager of a leading tourist hotel in France for 29 years.
She had acquainted the suspect through the Facebook and fallen in love with him during one of her visits to Sri Lanka 
on holiday.

She in her complaint to the Galle Police has stated that they married in July 2013 with the blessings of the suspect’s mother.

She stated that her attempt to take her husband to France failed as he was not willing to do so.

She has stated that her husband proposed to build a house on a land belonging to his mother for which she sent money at times.

However, when she visited Sri Lanka recently, she found her husband missing.

One of his relatives at the house has told her that all of his family had gone to Kalutara to attend to his wedding. She said that with great difficulty she found his second wife’s whereabouts.

The Police said that they were conducting investigations to arrest the suspect on the charges of defrauding Rs.1.2 million and bigamy.

OIC Crime Investigation Unit IP A.S.L. Narangoda, SI Udaya Kantha, and Sergeant 5320 Deepika are conducting investigations on the instructions of SP Anuruddha Hakmana.