Ensure road safety in Colombo city during festive season: Police

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Pic by Samantha Perera


By Thilanka Kanakarathna  

As the Metro City Colombo flooded with large number of people who arrive for shopping and business purposes aiming the Sinhala-Hindu New Year the Police Traffic Division request both the Motorists and pedestrians to be cautious when using the roads.  

Police Traffic Division Director SP Indika Hapugoda said over 5,000 police officers both traffic and general had been deployed to navigate the vehicles to ease the heavy traffic congestion.  

Police had also distributed 100,000 breathalyzers over the country and in each police division in Colombo to nab the drivers under the influence of liquor.   

SP Hapugoda said that increasing number of kiosks along the roads due to the festival season had also contributed heavy traffic in Colombo City.   

According to SP Hapugoda, special traffic plan is being operational with National Council for Road Safety with the support of police mobiles especially in Pettah and around other consumer gathering points across the Colombo city.  
To minimize the inconvenience faced by the motorists and commuters during the season, 50 Investigative officers have been deployed directly through the Police Headquarters.  

DMBSP Hapugoda said that around 7.2 million vehicles running on 116,110 km long country’s road system which includes the highways and from that 3 to 4 hundred thousands of vehicles move in Colombo roads.  

He said that due to the festival preparations the number of people and the vehicles enter into the city had been severely increased. Therefore the both the motorists and the passengers should more vigilant.   SP Hapugoda advised the motorcyclists to use helmets and follow the road rules.  

He also advises the motorists to wear the seat belts and prevent using mobile phones or any activity that reduces the focus when they were behind the wheel.  

He requested all the motorists to follow the correct lane and traffic signals to avoid inconvenience by creating traffic congestion.  

The city traffic police officers closely monitor the road disciplines of the motorists from Thursday (12) evening and sudden vehicle searches to be carried out as a precautionary measure.  

SP Hapugoda strongly advised the motorists, not to take the wheel under the influence of liquor and warned that maximum penalties will be imposed if caught.  

According to SP Hapugoda most of the fatal accidents were occurred under the influence of liquor and falling asleep at the wheel due to strain.