Pre-schools within Moratuwa MC limits don’t meet required standards

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 Text & Pics by Reka Tharangani   

All pre-schools maintained by the Moratuwa Municipality were not meeting the relevant standards, a report by the Moratuwa Divisional Secretariat revealed.   

The matter came to light during the new Moratuwa Municipal Council’s inaugural meeting which was held earlier this week.   

Speaking to recently elected public representatives, JVP Councillor Nishantha Ferdinando said the municipality maintained 20 pre-schools within its city limits and that all the schools were far below  the required standards in numerous areas.   

Major concerns raised by officials from the Divisional Secretariat were the lack of basic washroom facilities, sports/recreational facilities and schools being situated in an environment with bad odour.  “The pre-schools in Moratuwa are not suitable for children. The report submitted by the Divisional Secretariat is proof of this,” Ferdinando said.   

The Councillor reasoned that the lack of public representatives had ensured that such entities were not maintained.   

“We were elected to resolve such issues and I hope that we can work together despite the different parties we belong to. We will support any project or proposal, no matter the party or individual whom it comes from, if it enhances development of the Moratuwa Municipality area,” Ferdinando concluded.