Hundreds of acres of illegally acquired land to be re-acquired

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Text & Pics by P. H. P. Perera and Sarath Chinthaka   

Measures have been taken to re-acquire land that was illegally acquired by others in the Muthurajawela area, officials said.   

The move to re-acquire hundreds of acres of land comes after President Maithripala Sirisena named the marsh land as reserved land, during an inspection earlier 
this month.   

Divisional Secretariats of Ja-ela, Wattala and Negombo have already begun co-ordinating efforts to identify land areas that are to be acquired under the project.  

Soon after the acquisition of the land, the heart of the land will be gazetted as protected reserved land.   

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA), Wildlife Department, Forest Department and Land Commissioner General’s Department are joining forces for the project.   

Close to 1,777 hectares of land has been under the purview of the Director General of the Wildlife Department. Officials expect the land area to be protected after the acquisition, to be twice the currently allocated area.   

Numerous environmental organizations have commended the move by the President, as many have fought to preserve the marshland from large scale industrialization over 
the years.   



The heart of the land will be gazetted as protected reserved land