Wattala-Hekiththa road in dilapidated status

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Text & Pics By Sarath Chinthaka   

Wattala – Hekiththa main road which comes under the purview of  Wattala – Mabola Urban Council has caved in on two places from the main drainage system. As a result, this has become an insecure condition. In spite of the fact that more than one year had passed after caving-in the road close to Wattala Divisional Sub-office belonging to Ceylon Electricity Board , the authorities have not taken any step to re-construct it.   

There are many occasions when the passers-by had sustained injuries and hospitalized while travelling along this road due to the insecure caved-in places. The people in this area question as to when this treacherous stretch of road and the drainage system would be repaired.