Unsafe pavements leave residents in the lurch

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By H.M. Dharmapala   

The pavements on both sides of the Galle Road extending from Dehiwala to Mount Lavinia are in a deplorable condition, owing to lack of proper maintenance. The cement blocks that had been laid have decayed and potholes appear on the road. The stormwater drains too are in a very bad shape with the coverings broken and the rubble, which had fallen into these drains, blocking wastewater thereby providing a heaven for mosquito breeding. 
With the danger of pedestrians injuring themselves while walking on these uneven pavements, they are forced to walk along the road, which again poses a threat of accidents. Due to traffic snarls experienced on the main road, trishaws, motorcycles and bicycles get onto these pavements to avoid the jam. 

The lack of parking space on the roadside discourages consumers from patronizing trade stalls along the road. School vehicles drop and pick students from these busy points, thus exposing them to much danger. 

The traders along the Galle Road claim that the flyover at Dehiwala had not served any purpose. Despite the construction of the bridge, heavy traffic flow is observed at the Dehiwala junction. They charged that taxes had been increased but no facilities had been provided to them. The attention of the authorities are drawn towards this matter and repairs to the roads, culverts and pavements should have priority.