Govt. has failed in bringing reconciliation: Mujibur Rahaman

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Untitled-20By Yohan Perera   

The Government had failed in bringing ethnic and religious reconciliation, a government MP said yesterday.  

UNP MP Mujibur Rahaman said the government had failed in bringing national reconciliation though it had succeeded in maintaining the rule of law to some extent.   

“Government’s failure to bring in reconciliation and to stop the extremist forces was seen from the recent incidents in Kandy. One cannot bring in reconciliation through dramas and other things as something practical should be done,” Mr. Rahaman said.   

He said appointing persons from the minority groups to various posts would be a better way to bring in reconciliation. Mr. Rahaman therefore took a swipe at the recent appointment of new governors and said at least one Muslim should have been appointed as the governor for a province. “ No Muslim was appointed as a governor of any province,” he said.