Cemeteries in Moratuwa Municipal Council area The sad plight within speaks for itself

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Authorities should seriously consider the urgent need for renovation and redevelopment

By Rekha Tharangani  

From litter to buried bodies being unearthed when digging the ground for a new grave, several cemeteries coming under the purview of the Moratuwa Municipal Council (MMC) are in dire need of renovation and redevelopment.   
Speaking of several issues faced by residents, Municipal Councillor Nalani Premawathi (UPFA) said the Angulana cemetery for example had not been renovated or repaired in over 20 years. “The wall of the cemetery was broken and there was no clear pathway to follow inside the premises as it was overgrown with weeds. Those who come to the cemetery step into mud and sand that is removed when a new grave is dug,” she said.   

UNP Councillor Gavin Maththes also pointed out that the municipality needed to purchase a speaker system for the cemetery for funeral processions and other occasions.   

JVP Councillor Nishantha Ferdinando said the municipality had failed its residents if they were unable to provide sufficient facilities for funerals.   

“I wonder if it is really our people who work at the Rawatawatte cemetery. Recently, on a visit there I saw a man lying on top of a mound of sand that had been dug for a new grave. I went closer as I could not see the head of this person. That’s when I realized a dead body had been dug up when they were digging the new grave,” he said.   

The cemetery has no facilities and it is here that people light candles and such for their loved ones. “We cannot even pay the workers there Rs. 100, when even Rs. 1,500 would not be sufficient for the work they do,” Ferdinando concluded.   

The Koralawella crematorium was another issue that was discussed at the Council meeting. The crematorium was no longer working, the councillors said. They stated that while the machine had worked for several years, it had always had issues that ensured the cremating process did not always go ahead smoothly.   

UNP Councillor Sunil Masakorale pointed out that workers in the cemetery needed to be given uniforms.