Kalutara Kalido Beach Probable natural disasters likely to affect Kalutara town

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Laying of boulders under on-going project, only a temporary measure




By Sunil Thanthriarachchi  

Kalutara District Parliamentarian Jayantha Samaraweera who carried out an inspection of the on-going erosion in the Kalutara Kalido beach said that an effective plan to protect Kalutara town should be implemented in consultation with geologists. He said laying of boulders under the on-going project costing Rs.35 million would only be a temporary measure, and the on-going erosion has completely destroyed the sandbar that saved Kalutara town from the tsunami disaster.  

Parliamentarian Samaraweera stressed the need to seek expertise to implement an effective coast conservation project to protect Kalutara town, the Chaithya, the main bridge, and the railway.   

Kalutara Urban Council Members, Pradeshiya Sabha Members and representatives of civil society organization and several senior officials joined the inspection.  

Meanwhile Kalutara Government Agent U.D.C. Jayalal said the sudden weather change resulted in an unprecedented high tide with trembling waves that caused erosion of the lagoon created by the sand bar. He pointed out that the waves rising above the boulders laid by the Coast Conservation Department caused extensive damage to land.  He said the government would take every possible step to prevent a disastrous situation.