Minimum bus fare to go up by Rs.2

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  • An overall bus fare increase between 8% and 10%


Untitled-10By Sandun A Jayasekera

The National Transport Commission (NTC) will permit the minimum bus fare to be increased by Rs.2 to Rs.12 from Rs.10 as at present with an overall increase in bus fares between 8% and 10%,  a Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry source said.   

He said any further revision if necessary would be decided by the Cabinet today when Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva submits a cabinet paper seeking a bus fare increase in the wake of the recent increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene.   “The Cabinet will also decide the effective date of the bus fare increase and whether SLTB bus fares will also be increased,” the source said and added that the NTC would issue a circular indicating the revised bus fares for long, middle and short distance travel countrywide no sooner the Cabinet decides on the quantum, etc.  “We will take into account the fuel charges, prices of spare parts and tyres, salaries of bus crew and maintenance cost of a bus among 12 indicators before considering any revision of bus fares. We have found the cost of operating a bus has increased since the last time the bus fares were increased in July 2017,” the source said said.   Meanwhile, NTC Chairman M.A.P Hemachandra told Daily Mirror yesterday the NTC would in future revise bus fares in May instead of July.   

“The NTC reviews bus fares annually in July under 12 indicators. But we are in the process of revising bus fares right now.  I expect to complete reviewing all the factors by this afternoon and prepare the Cabinet memo for Minister De Silva to obtain Cabinet approval tomorrow,” he said.