Five children had died at ICU Karapitiya within a month

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By J K L Chaminda, G W K P De Silva and Siranga Lokukarawita 

Five small children who were under treatment at the ICU of the Karapitiya hospital had died during the last month due to an unidentified sickness.   

The Director of the hospital Dr Jayampathi Senanayake said that it is not possible to inform the cause of the deaths and the blood samples of these children had been sent to Colombo for further tests.   

He also said that he cannot specifically state that the deaths were due to Adino Virus. There had been deaths of children due to Pneumonia and other sicknesses and these deaths are also included in the number of deaths.   

There are five more children under treatment at the children’s ICU who are affected with Pneumonia and they have taken steps already to keep the Ministry of Health and Infectious Diseases Unit informed of this situation.