Fuel price increase won’t affect imported essential foods: Importers

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By Chaturanga Samarawickrama and Indika Sri Aravinda   

The recent fuel price hike would not result in an increase in the prices of essential imported food items, Media Secretary for the Essential Food Commodities Importers’ and Traders’ Association Hemaka Fernando said.   
Speaking to Daily Mirror Mr. Fernando explained that their members depended food imports for a living which in turn helped to strengthen the country’s economy.   

“As importers we decided to not to increase the prices of the imported essential items despite a rise in fuel prices.   

“The Port Tariff charge per 20 foot container load of essential food items (20,000-24,000 kilos) had been increased by Rs.1,000 after the recent fuel prices hike. The Port Tariff charge which was Rs.12,000 per container load earlier has now gone up to Rs. 13,000 per container load,” he said.   

“When calculated the tax imposed on a kilo of essential food items in a container against the Port Tariff Charges, it was just cents and as a an association we decided to not to increase the charges of any imported essential food,” he said.   

“Prices of essential imported foods were increased several times in the past as soon as fuel prices went up, but they never came down,” Mr Fernando said.   

“We used to import sixteen essential food items such as sugar, dhal and big onions.   

Some associations and TUs, such as private bus associations, claim to serve the country. However it is clear that they are targeting innocent people for their own selfish gains,” he said.