Fisher folk up in arms against fuel price hike

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By Jude Samantha   

Fisheries organizations representatives said they would resort to a massive protest campaign against the increase in fuel prices if the government ignored the hardship faced by them. They said the government should provide them relief and issue kerosene at a subsidized price.   

The representatives told the media at the Chilaw fishery harbour that the fisher folk who had been facing hardships due to the increasing prices of fishing gear and the cost of repairs to their boats and boat engines would be further burdened by the fuel price hike.   

“The government has proposed a fuel subsidy scheme, but we have not been told about the details. The proposed subsidy scheme would perhaps benefit only the racketeers and corrupt officials unless precautions were taken to prevent any possible malpractice. We propose that the fuel be coloured when being issued under the subsidy scheme to prevent any possible irregularity,” they said.   

The fishermen hoisted black flags in the trawlers and boats anchored in the fishery harbour as a protest against the fuel price hike.