Sewerage system in Dehiwala-Mt Lavinia, Moratuwa emits foul stench

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Residents  inconvenienced


Text & Pics By Rekha Tharangani Fonseka   

The Sewerage system constructed at a cost of several million of rupees, in Moratuwa, Dehiwala and Mt Lavinia Municipality areas to purify waste water and release it has faced some issues including the breaking of these pipes leading to a foul stench rapidly enveloping the area.   

The residents of the 4th lane in Ratmalana claim that the stench is so awful that people are unable even to drink water in their homes, because of the nauseating foul smell. This project launched in 2014 with Rupees ninety five million under the Swedish International Development Assistance loan scheme.   

Under this project, the National Water Resources and Drainage Board, laying of pipe lines along some of the roads in the above Municipal areas are continuing.   

It was envisaged that Waste water and Sewage released from the houses of the above mentioned Municipal areas is purified at the Pumping Station constructed near the Soysa Pura flats and then released to the sea.   
During our visit we observed that at the Ratmalana pumping station which releases the waste water to the main pumping station, a foul smell was emanating and found that it was intolerable. A bakery owner who operates an outlet to sell Bakery products stated that the foul smell was so unbearable that people finds it very difficult to remain even inside their houses and customers are reluctant to visit his outlet. A pregnant woman who visited his shop recently being unable to bear up with the awful stench had vomited inside his shop.   


This project launched in 2014 with Rupees ninety five million under the Swedish International Development Assistance loan scheme


The residents charge that despite them calling the emergency numbers, the Mt Lavinia police environmental unit had failed to inquire into this and appears to be maintaining a deep silence. S.D. Ranjith who maintained that he had informed the Dehiwala Mt Lavinia Municipal council authorities and the Sewerage Project office in Wellawatte no remedial solution had been given.   



When this issue was posed to the Wellawatte project office, an Engineer who was present at the office said that at the time of commencement of this project, the pipe lines and the strategies adopted appeared to be quite sufficient, but with the increase of the waste water and sewage released from the residential areas had created this unexpected surge, and steps are been taken to arrest this situation and changes in the network of the pipe lines are been done.   

Meanwhile when this issue was posed to the Chairman of the National Water Resources and Drainages Board K.A. Ansar, he claimed ignorance of this issue and declined to speak to the media, assuring that the officers responsible for this matter would take adequate measures expeditiously.