Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha comes forward to protect ‘Prithipura beach’

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Text & Pics by Sarath Chinthaka   

The dilapidated condition of the Prithipura Beach is a hassle for the large crowds of locals and foreigners who flock to the area each day.   

Visitors, shop keepers and residents in the area said those at the site needed support to meet the demands of the crowd visiting the area.   

The only beach area safe for families in along the coastline from Hendala, Palliyawatte to Negombo, Prithipura beach is never be deserted area of visitors. Visitors from Gampaha and even Colombo make their way to this particular beach each evening.   

While there are several little huts selling bare necessities to beach- goers, the lack of facilities for tourists such as hotels, restaurants and other entertainment facilities was seriously hampering the development of the area, residents said.   

“The little huts that selling food here are makeshift huts. They will be destroyed if the weather is really bad, it has happened on numerous occasions,” residents said.   

They requested authorities to construct sturdy infrastructures to accommodate shop keepers and maintain the changing rooms that have been constructed for the visitors who fancy a swim of simply want to use the bathroom. “They already constructed a changing room but it is not maintained. They shut it down when the water lines were cut as they had not paid their bills. The electricity was also disconnected for the same reason,” they said.   
When contacted Chairman of the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha Thaygirathna de Silva promised to look into the issues prevalent in the area. “We will develop the beach as it is an attraction to both locals and foreigners,” he said.   
“Sturdier stalls for vendors, a life guard’s post and a children’s play ground are some projects planned for the area. We want this beach be a place for everyone to visit. We will start developing the area soon,” he said.   



We will develop the beach as it is an attraction to both locals and foreigners