Weerawansa’s corruption case fixed for August 6

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 By T. Farook Thajudeen   

A corruption case filed in the Colombo High Court against former Minister and National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weerawansa was fixed for hearing on August 6 by Colombo High Court, yesterday.   
At the outset of inquiry before High Court Judge Vikum Kaluarachchi, President Counsel Jayantha Weerasinghe appearing for the accused Wimal Weerawansa moved to grant a long date for the hearing of 
the case.   

The prosecution Counsel submitted that the computer documents pertaining to the evidence of the case had been given to the defence and it had not mentioned their status on those documents given to them by the prosecution.   
In reply President Counsel Weerasinghe said that they had to scrupulously go through those documents and would comment thereafter. Mr. Weerawansa was indicted for unlawful acquisition of money and assets, estimated at Rs.75 million within a period of six years while serving as a minister, of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.