Bus fare hike a heavy burden on passengers: LPBOA

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Untitled-11By Chaturanga Samarawicrama   

Instead of relieving people from the rising costs of living, they are being overburdened with a bus fare hike, said Gemunu Wijeratne, Chairman of the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association (LPBOA).  Speaking to the media, Mr. Wijeratne said the recent bus fare hike was not done in keeping with the national policy on bus fares.   

“Although the Inter-Provincial Private Bus Association (IPPBA) demanded a hike of 15%, the Transport Ministry agreed upon only 12.5%, that too on condition there will be no further increase for the next two years. What this so-called private bus association failed to realise is that it is at a loss because the approved hike is for two years, meaning 6.25% for each year, whereas it was earlier promised 6.56%. According to the policy for passenger transport services, an annual hike should not exceed 10%. However, such an increase is possible with the consent of the minister in charge. The problem here was that the minister approved an increase of 30% and a minimum fare of Rs.12. I have requested a hike of a minimum of 10%. The minimum bus fare will increase from Rs.10 to Rs.11. However, bus fares will not be reviewed until 2020,” he said.