20,000 housing units for low-income families: Champika

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Some 20,000 housing units put up by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) will be gifted to low-income families within the year, said Megapolis and Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka. He said 3,429 housing units had already been gifted to these families as constructions had begun in 2016. 

“The UDA has provided 2,270 housing units to families in 2016/17 at a cost of Rs. 9,080 million. Another Rs.49,520 million has been funded to construct 9,904 units. Also, steps are underway to invest a whopping Rs.44,515 million to construct 8,903 housing units for low-income families,” he said. 

Speaking of ‘Methsada Sevana,’ the recently-opened housing complex at Madampe in Henamulla, the minister said low-income families that lost their residences due to the development efforts in Colombo 14, Bluemandhal 87 Watte and 318 Watte, would be relocated in a housing scheme that has 722 units. 

“Each unit, complete with two bedrooms and other facilities, cost some Rs.4 million. The 15-storey building is equipped with elevators. We hope to develop schools and places of religious worship in the vicinity of these housing schemes,” the minister said.